Literacy involves social, cultural & functional codes that help us participate in society. In Canada, we need a comprehensive literacy strategy, which entails a shift in policy orientation so that learning and human development are considered as ends in themselves. The economic benefits of literacy learning are obvious; the question is how to make the learning happen. Instead of asking Economists to quantify the benefits, lets ask educators to qualify how to make learning happen.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Threats to Health Care Erode Canadian Social Fabric

From Incoming - February 2006

Threats to health care, like those featured in the the Toronto Star yesterday, undermine our entire social fabric and are especially disturbing for those who view our health care system as a model for other social services. The notions of environmental and social factors for health, accessibility, and community that are embedded in the Canada Health Act are features that other social service sectors aspire toward. In the field I work in, adult education and literacy, we are still working for some of the policy shifts that occurred for health care back in the 1970’s and 80’s. See "Two Cents"Editorial on page two of Incoming.


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