Literacy involves social, cultural & functional codes that help us participate in society. In Canada, we need a comprehensive literacy strategy, which entails a shift in policy orientation so that learning and human development are considered as ends in themselves. The economic benefits of literacy learning are obvious; the question is how to make the learning happen. Instead of asking Economists to quantify the benefits, lets ask educators to qualify how to make learning happen.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Globe & Mail: "Reading is more than a black-and-white issue"

Globe and Mail, November 3, 2005

Canada is experiencing a costly deficit in human capital. Far too many adults in this country have difficulty with basic literacy tasks, and this has serious negative impact on our economy and our social fabric.

Literacy was a top priority this week - as it should be - when education ministers from the provinces and territories met in Toronto. The economic arguments alone to support literacy initiatives are powerful. For instance, new research from Statistics Canada shows that investment in education is three times as important to economic growth over the long run as investment in physical capital, such as machinery and equipment."


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